How it Works

Curious to how having a personal chef can work for you? Hopefully this page can answer some of your questions!

Meals Planned Around Your Family’s Needs

First, all meals are planned around your family’s needs, tastes, favorites and schedules. You do need to approve each meal plan. For example, consider the following family where both parents work:

Dad Mom Child 1 Child 2
Likes: Anything, especially hot foods!
Allergies: Peanut
Activities: Out on Wed (Poker Night)
Likes: Craves grape tomatoes
Allergies: none
Activities: Ladie’s bible study on Tue Night
Likes: Chicken Nuggets & cheese
Allergies: none
Activities: Cheerleading Practice Tue & Thu Nights
Likes: tacos and pizza
Allergies: non
Activities: Soccer practice Tue & Wed; games on weekends

Next, the weekly meal plan…..

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Everybody’s Home
Garden salad
Tenderloin with broiled potatoes
(Chef prepares and serves warm)
Mom’s Out; Cheerleading & Soccer Practice
Lasagna night
(Dad reheats in oven for 1 hour)
Mom eats when she gets home.
Dad’s Out; Soccer Practice
Chicken Stir-fry
(Mom cooks up prepared stir fry and reheats rice)
Cheerleading Practice
Garden Salad
Broiled Chicken with homemade mac & cheese
(parents reheat)
Everybody’s Home
Taco Party Night
Fish Tacos, coleslaw, rice and beans
(fish simply reheated in toaster oven)

How is the food prepared?

All the dishes and entrees will be prepared, labeled and stored accordingly in your refrigerator.

How do I know how to reheat the food?

Great question! All food will be stored and labeled with the day of the week and re-heating instructions. On the refrigerator, I will leave additional instructions. Most dinners are prepared to simply re-heat in the microwave or oven. Based on your personal cooking skills and personal schedule constraints, the food will be left in a prepared state for you to reheat.

What if I forget “What’s for dinner?”

No worries! I’ve got you covered there too! Each afternoon, I will send you a text message with what’s for dinner and reheating instructions. If you want, I can text your other family member with “whats for dinner” as well!

Hi Dad! Tonight is Lasagna night and Mom is out. Turn on oven to 350. Lasagna is already covered in foil, so simply toss the lasagna in the oven (while the oven is still heating up) for 1 HOUR. enjoy!

Hey kids! Tonight is Lasagna night. Mom is out. Dad’s cooking.

Hi mom! Enjoy bible study tonight. Dad’s cooking. Kids will be fed. Dinner (lasagna) will be waiting for you when you get home.

How do you plan the grocery shopping?

The grocery shopping is planned at the same time the meal plan is approved. Throughout the week, or at meal planning, also indicate anything else the family needs from the grocery store. We do not pick up any drug-store or medical items, so you will need to plan those for your family.

You’re coming to work in my home… and how do I ask this… but have you ever been arrested?

That’s a very good question you should always ask of any domesticated servant. The answer is simple: NO. I have a clean background, that you can check, and I also do not use drugs or participate in any other naughty activities. I’m an honest, hard-working father and husband, with a simple love affair with food.