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Steve Callander

Steve Callander

Chef Steve Callander, is a native Floridian, and has been cooking up seafood in commercial kitchens in West Florida for over 26 years.

After having mastered the art of broiling the perfect Lobster Thermador, Chef Steve moved on to more exotic rituals, like creating delicate presentations with Ossetra caviar.

However, Chef Steve’s passion is closer to a land lover’s delight.  Firing client’s firepits or grills in their homes, Steve will roast anything that crawls, walks or flies – fresh from the butcher shop!

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Steak and potatoes

The only downfall Chef Steve’s family has with him, is that he absolutely knows NO portion control at home.  As far as Chef Steve is concerned, if there’s an empty plate nearby, he’ll fill it. 

As Seen Around Town

Chef Steve has been seen around town competing in food competitions, charity food exhibitions and on television discussing sustainable seafood.